International organisation

Online toolkit and animations

This project started with intensive design dialogues and interviews with our clients. The resulting interactive website had to be attractive, accessible and available in two languages.

It featured quirky animations and quite intricate pathways through our clients’ technical information. Together with the interactive website, we made several animations and newsletters.


To explain organisational changes in an understandable, accessible way through the development of an interactive website, animations and newsletters.


An interactive website, animations and newsletters


Illustrations and animations were used throughout the webtool to tell the story of this client's information to its thousands of employees, in a way that was both engaging and accessible but also professional and culturally sensitive to a diverse audience.

The tool began with a high level overview of context-specific background information, and the opportunity for interested users to drill down to learn more about a particular topic area. Users could navigate the site as a journey through scrolling pages, or by clicking directly into the pages that particularly interested them.

The webtool was launched with the help of a series of short animations, which explained the context and need for the webtool, as well as advertised the tool's content. These were produced in multiple languages and shared widely with employees in conjunction with email newsletters.