Infographics for report on access to medicine

The Secretary-General of the United Nations’ High Level Panel on Access to Medicine required additional graphics to be created for their Final Report, and we stepped in to fill this gap.

The client was provided with several look-and-feels to choose from. Tableau, Excel and Illustrator were used to create the different maps and graphs, suited to the chosen look-and-feel. These were made to be multi-purpose and shareable across social media platforms.


Production of a number of infographics to be incorporated into a report by the Secretary-General of the United Nations' High Level Panel on Access to Medicines.


11 graphics


A timeline showing the separate evolutions of human rights, public health and IP systems was created.

Tableau and Adobe Illustrator were used to create a map on TRIPS, TRIPS-flexibilities and TRIPS+

A variety of bar graphs were created using Excel and Adobe Illustrator.