Education infographics

Education is changing across the world in response to development and other global changes. We worked with multiple clients in OECD’s Education directorate to share their stories and the trends in educational development around the world. These projects involved creating sets of infographics or cards, each set with their own unique style.

These projects each involved creating sets of multiple infographic pages or cards, each set with its own consistent style.


To communicate on international education for OECD


Multi-page infographics for print or online, social media infographic tiles, packaging of information for use in other products


These infographics use a strong and consistent visual theme to convey key results from a global research initiative. We worked closely with the client to draw out these messages and determine how they could be conveyed most clearly and effectively for a wide audience.

This bold, colourful style was used in a series of infographics on teaching, which could be used independently of each other, or combined into a single larger visual.

This series of infographics used a distinct visual style across the set, and aimed to condense complex results from a large research study into clear, compelling messages.