Communication products for GHHIN

The Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN) is a network of professionals working together to accelerate learning and action around the risks of extreme heat worldwide to human health. The professionals targeted included government agencies, academics, international organizations, NGOs and private-sector boundary institutions. We created two products that were aimed at sharing resources and information around heat health and encouraging collaborative learning and partnership. The aim is to enhance technical and science-based decision tolls to better manage heat risks in the future.


Communication products to share information on the Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN) and its role in creating awareness around impacts of extreme heat on human health.


A brochure and website with an online interactive resource map


The website includes an interactive map that users can explore to find a number of resources on heat health from around the world. The map allows users to filter between resources such as case studies and Heat Health Action Plans (HHAPs), or to click and zoom into different locations on the map where they can find a number of resources pinned to each country.

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Lushomo first created a double-sided information brochure with 3 panels. The brochure was used to publicise GHHIN, and to attract professionals to join the network. The branding designed for the brochure was carried through the other GHHIN products that we created.

We also built a website for users to access more information about GHHIN, its activities, and events and news items around heat health. The website has a learning centre where users can access a variety of resources, including case studies, guidance documents, academic literature etc. that users can use to learn more about heat health and what is being done to adapt and manage the impacts.

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