Tobacco Control Toolkit

Tobacco causes over 7 million deaths each year. Tobacco companies rarely have to deal with the impacts of their products. In this project we developed a new interactive communications tool for holding tobacco companies to account for the harmful effects of tobacco.

This was a ground-breaking piece of work for the WHO. It involved taking contemporary digital design and applying it to a technical health problem. The result was an interactive tool that helped national teams navigate the legal mazes involved in challenging tobacco companies.


To create an online toolkit showing the different ways in which individuals and groups can take legal action against the tobacco industry.


An online interactive toolkit: http://untobaccocontrol.org/impldb/tobaccocontrol-toolkit/#/


Lushomo worked with an international team of legal experts and Oxford University to come up with a simple, accessible way for providing flexible support to national legal teams.

The tool features different devices to aid navigation, explanations and context-sensitive options to view more information throughout. There are also links to a large number of the legal case studies and source documents.

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The interactive toolkit is both accessible and authoritative, and will support governments and a range of civil society actors to protect large populations – including 80% of the world's 1.1 billion smokers who live in low- and middle-income countries - from the harmful effects of smoking.

This project took around 12 months from start to finish and was completed in two phases. In the first phase we worked with the client to scope out what the possibilities might be for using the legal resources in an interactive toolkit. In the second phase we edited and restructured the client's technical copy, designed the user interface and all the graphics (which we animated), coded the site and tested the final version of the toolkit.

This project built on a longer relationship with departments at WHO that are working to minimise the impact of tobacco on health. We had already created various infographics, reports and other materials for these teams in different regional offices around the world. We are still collaborating with WHO around the launch of the toolkit and its testing phase.

Our experience in health advocacy helped guide the process, as we carefully made sure that complex points were visualised, information was chunked up, and that the whole tool was accessible for the kinds of users most likely to benefit from it.