WHO African Region

The Transformation Strategy in Action

For the past year, teams at the WHO African Regional Office have been transforming their processes guided by the CDS Transformation Strategy. This strategy aims to maximise productivity, to improve the quality of support provided by technical teams to countries and partners, and to increase the impact of their work.

We helped WHO teams tell the stories of work done during the first full year of the implementation of the Transformation Strategy, visualise their successes and challenges, and find new ways of representing their data.


Writing, design and layout of an annual report, and the design and layout of a strategy document and an accompanying presentation incorporating a number of data visualisations.


Two reports and a presentation


This began with our lead consultant, Tom, going to Brazzaville to interview technical officers working in areas including HIV, TB, Malaria, neglected tropical diseases, environmental health and hepatitis. Working directly with the teams in Brazzaville, we identified and told the story of work conducted over the past year.

We laid out a Strategy document using a bold, simple design.

The work included developing a number of data-visualisations taken from a range of metrics gathered by the units.