OECD Education

TALIS graphics and animation

In 2018, the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) asked over 260,000 teachers and school leaders in 48 countries and economies about their working conditions and how they view the profession.

Lushomo worked closely with the client to create a set of infographics and an animation that would be used to publicise the TALIS, to share key findings and results for studies in both 2018 and 2019, and to point the audience to the full surveys.


To publicise the results of the Teaching and Learning International Survey through the creation of infographics and an animation.


A set of four social media tiles and an animation for each year's results.


We developed one large infographic to share key facts and figures from the TALIS, based on a storyboard developed by the client. The style of the infographic uses bright colours and light-hearted graphics to balance the information.

The infographic was created so that it could be split into four smaller, simpler infographics that could be shared on social media. One year later, we produced a new set of these materials to promote the updated results.

Using the same style as the infographics, Lushomo also created a 2.5 minute animation to share results from the TALIS. Lushomo first developed a storyboard based on a script provided by the client.

The animation uses three style elements to create visual interest, including multiple screens per scene, split screens and intricate animations to create emotion and energy.

The final animation was shared on websites, social media and possibly at high-level meetings and conferences.