WHO African Region

Synthesis Report on Libreville Declaration

Lushomo worked with the African regional office of the WHO to help communicate complex data from across Africa. Focusing on issues of health and the environment, Lushomo created new types of communication materials that will hopefully get the world talking about how to safeguard health in rapidly changing African environments.

In 2008, African countries adopted the Libreville Declaration, committing themselves to establish an alliance between health and environment, as a basis for a joint plan of action. In 2015, African ministers will reconvene in an effort to discuss the progress, challenges and way forward.

Lushomo used raw data collected by 34 African countries, analysed it, and created the second Synthesis Report on African challenges and change in relation to environmental determinants of health. The aim is to use data and design to inform, inspire and motivate policy-makers, donors and the broader public alike.


Data collection, Data analysis using Tableau, Writing of report, Design of report


120-page report


Complicated information and country updates, of varying detail, went into our final simplified report.

Infographics were stylised with client input.

Mixing photography with vectors enabled us to generate varied layouts

The final report was extremely well received, in both PDF and printed distribution.