Save Our Seas Foundation

Ocean Acidification Visualised

In consultation with scientists from the Save Our Seas Foundation, we developed a double page infographic spread on ocean acidification for incorporation into their magazine. The infographic provides a pictorial scene of ocean acidification, showing the causes of ocean acidification, the predicted effects, and mitigation efforts that society can make.

Our client was provided with several look-and-feels with differing styles and colour palettes. Visuals were created in sketch-form and were fine-tuned with feedback from the client before the artwork was made by one of our senior designers.


Development of an infographic on ocean acidification, for incorporation into the Save Our Seas Foundation magazine.


An infographic spread


A luminescent colour palette with dark deep-sea waters was chosen to show that all ocean zones are affected by acidification.

A timeline shows the predicted effects of ocean acidification over time, and the species that are likely to be affected.

The infographic showed the causes of ocean acidification, and ended with ways to mitigate the impacts and protect those affected.