Preventing and responding to HIV drug resistance in Africa

The African region is home to the largest proportion of people living with HIV in the world. Global action to combat HIV/AIDS has had an immense impact on the continent, with increasing numbers of people receiving testing, prevention services and treatment, but these positive impacts are under threat from an increase in HIV drug resistance.

We helped the WHO African Regional Office adapt the Global Action Plan on HIV Drug Resistance to the regional context. We then designed the African Regional Action Plan for HIV Drug Resistance report to communicate this important strategy in French, English and Portuguese.


Communicating the targets and priority actions for WHO and Member States on HIV drug resistance in Africa


Communication consulting, writing and editing, plus design and layout of a 30 page report in English, French and Portuguese


Lushomo provided communications consulting to write the Action Plan for the African region based on an existing global action plan. This included assisting the technical lead to write the strategy, analysing the available data, conducting a literature review and wide-ranging technical and editorial support.

We developed the report style and information design following the writing. The chosen style used thin lines, bright colours and simple icons, which were carried through the full report. Our goal with the information design was to clearly convey key findings for guiding action plan development at country and regional levels.

The final report included clear and authoritative infographics and data visualisations to guide stakeholders through the intended priorities and actions around HIV drug resistance. The report was laid out in English, French and Portuguese to be widely accessible to African audiences.