Ongoing partnership with Clim-Health Africa

Climate change poses immediate and longterm threats to human health and survival across the globe. Nowhere is this anticipated to have a greater impact than in Africa, where social, political, environmental and economic conditions are already fragile.

Since the inception of Clim-Health Africa, Lushomo has been providing communication support to this regional network. This includes working with African and international institutions, including the UN, academic, governmental and intergovernmental institutions and national and international NGOs.


This partnership started in 2015, and has involved the development and upkeep of a website for Clim-Health Africa, in addition to providing technical expertise and creating numerous communication products for the network. Visit the website http://www.climhealthafrica.org/


Branding, a website, numerous reports, presentations, newsletters and news items


This partnership began with the development of infographics on the status of climate change and health in Africa.

Following this, we wrote and designed the Second Synthesis Report on the Situation Analysis and Needs Assessments for the Implementation of the Libreville Declaration on Health and Environment in Africa. This began with the analysis of 34 African countries’ data on challenges and change in relation to environmental determinants of health. These initial interactions established Lushomo as the communication partner for the Clim-Health Africa network.

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This partnership has involved the development and continual update of the Clim-Health Africa website. This includes the development of regular news items and dedicated country pages showing the status of climate and health action in key countries.

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We also manage the Clim-Health Africa newsletters, developing the content together with our clients, to ensure updates reach the network’s hundreds of members.

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In addition to posters, we created presentations, banners and an animation for high-level meetings, including for COP/CMP.