WHO African Region

Manuals for data collection and decision-making around malaria

Malaria is a major global health problem, with the African Region being the most severely impacted. In this Region, efforts have been made to align National Malaria Strategic Plans (NMSPs) with the framework of the Global Technical Strategy for Malaria 2016–2030. The vision of this programme is “a world free of malaria”. We worked with WHO to create technical user manuals that support and guide healthcare practitioners in effectively developing and reviewing these NMSPs. The manuals also provide step-by-step guidelines for carrying out several tasks that ensure high quality malaria data is collected from healthcare facilities and communities in the region. These manuals are now integral to the malaria programme activities undertaken by member states within the African Region.


To guide the development of National Malaria Strategic Plans, and the collection and management of data around malaria in the African Region.


An annotated toolkit consisting of six technical manuals, between 16 – 38 pages in length, with graphics and illustrations, annotated checklists, outlines for writing reports and assessment forms.


We were provided with the text and checklists for five user manuals with text, tables and checklists. As a first step, we worked closely with the client to develop a look and feel for the toolkit, which involved laying out some of the provided text, creating some preliminary graphics, checklists and forms. We used a common theme across all the manuals to unite them in a single toolkit, but gave each manual its own colour to allow users to distinguish between them.

Once the style had been confirmed, we edited the report text and identified where graphics and illustrations could be used to guide users through the processes described in each manual. The graphic style we chose used solid, bold colours and was developed around an S-shaped element that was carried throughout all manuals.

One of the manuals was created by Lushomo to guide users through an Excel tool, which consisted of several linked sheets with built-in calculations to manage costs of the NMSP planning and review processes. The manual used screenshots of the Excel tool, graphics, example boxes and flow diagrams to assist users in completing the costing process.

Most manuals included several tables, annotated checklists, guidelines, forms and outlines to assist users in carrying out surveys, field visits, reviews, and to write follow up reports.

We used illustrations in one of the manuals to supplement the text and add clarity to the process being described.