OECD Education

Learning Compass graphic and animation

The world is changing at a rapid rate. To achieve the future we want – a future of well-being for all – the OECD and others have developed the Learning Compass 2030. This is a framework for learning that creates a common language about education goals and orients students towards future well-being. In developing this framework, the OECD worked with policy makers, researchers, school leaders, teachers, students, social partners, and international organisations from around the world.

Lushomo’s aim was to help conceptualise and visualise the Learning Compass. To start this process, we held a number of conversations with our client and developed sketches to fully understand the Learning Compass and its aims. Following this consultative process, we created a number of design styles for our client to choose from. We then created a short explainer animation for those not entirely familiar with the concept of the Learning Compass.


To publicise the OECD Learning Compass through designs and an animation.


A graphic of the Learning Compass and an associated animation.


In consultation with our clients, we created a graphic for the Learning Compass 2030. This process started with conversations and sketches. Following this, different graphic styles were developed and the chosen design was then finessed.

Based on the Learning Compass graphic, we created assets and branding for the website.

OECD wanted to create an easy explainer video for people who were not entirely familiar with the concept of the Learning Compass. To do this, we created an animation outlining its key components.