Western Cape Government


SkillsBoostWesternCape is a research and action project, driven by the Western Cape Government, to stimulate digital skills development and future-proof the region’s economy. Lushomo facilitated the project’s first stakeholder workshop by creating the branding, website, and a number of print and digital visual assets to help spread the message. We also provided on-sight communication support at the workshop including the filming and production of four promotional videos.


To communicate the importance of the initiative, to build momentum and to engage stakeholders across sectors


Logo, branding, a website, animated graphic tiles for social media, a printed project summary foldout, pull-up banners, a large wall banner, filming and follow-up editing of promotional videos, and two post-event newsletters


The visuals were bold and eye-catching to promote social media engagement and sharing

A printed fold-out summarised the main findings of a 200-page research report

We promoted the project by designing, developing and hosting a website and by creating animated graphics for sharing on social media platforms

Four two-minute long videos capturing the workshop were shared with stakeholders through a series of follow-up newsletters