WHO African Region

Communication products and on-site support for IMCHE3

In September 2018, Lushomo was contracted by the World Health Organization (WHO) African Regional Office (AFRO) to support communications around the Third Interministerial Conference on Health and Environment in Africa (IMCHE3).

The Conference, which was co-organised by WHO-AFRO, the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment), and the Government of Gabon, was being held to assess progress on the implementation of the Libreville Declaration on Health and Environment in Africa.

Lushomo worked with WHO-AFRO to produce a range of communication materials to promote the conference, raise awareness around the important link between health and environment, as well as highlight the Libreville Declaration and the progress that has been made in reaching the goals set out in the Declaration.

A team from Lushomo travelled to Libreville in Gabon to support WHO-AFRO on-site with communication activities throughout the conference.


To support WHO-AFRO to communicate around an interministerial African conference that addressed the important link between health and the environment.


Logo design and branding, conference website, summary evaluation report with infographics, factsheets with infographics, social media assets (social media cards and gifs), social media communications toolkit, roll up banners, wall banners, posters, video


Lushomo designed the trilingual HESA website, which was used to share information with attendees and other stakeholders about the conference. Developing the website involved sorting through various information briefs, reports and conference notes to create content that was both informative and interesting for a wide audience.


Based on a draft report received from WHO-AFRO, as well as access to raw survey data, Lushomo produced a report with data visualisations and infographics to highlight country progress on implementing the Libreville Declaration. The report and the results that is showcased were used to inform deliberations at the conference, that led to the development of the new strategic action plan.


Some of the key themes of the event were water and sanitation, waste and plastic pollution, and air pollution. Using facts and data from our clients, we developed storyboards for a series of social media tiles that were animated into GIFs. These were shared on social media in the lead up to and during the conference to create awareness around these issues in Africa.

Based on information received from the client, as well as our own research, we developed five A3 foldable factsheets with infographics. This involved summarising technical information into new content suitable for a wide audience, making sketches of the pages and creating the graphics in design. The factsheets were printed in English, French and Portuguese for distribution at the conference.

We designed a range of social media assets to promote the conference and the health and environmental issues that were discussed. This process involved drawing out key messages from various reports, creating sketches, and designing the graphics.

Lushomo developed a Social Media Communications Kit to support attendees and other stakeholders with their communication activities around the conference.

The Kit contains key messages, suggested tweets and definitions, which we extracted from technical notes. It also includes social media assets which were sketched and designed by our team.

Lushomo designed a range of banners for the conference, which included large hanging banners and standing banners. One of the wall banners was designed for use as a backdrop for taking photos at the event.

We extracted data from surveys completed by 44 African countries on their progress toward achieving the goals of the Libreville Declaration.

We explored the data to identify trends and key messages, and then developed sketches to visualise the data. We designed the visualisations to be included in the Synthesis Report and as individual posters for display at the conference.

Lushomo developed a social media campaign that focused on encouraging people to make one positive change in their lifestyles to reduce their impact on the environment. We created pledge cards for conference attendees to pose with for photos, which were then shared on social media as a call to action.

Using conference notes taken by our team during the event, Lushomo wrote the Outcomes Report that provided a background to the conference and a summary of the event’s proceedings and outcomes. We also designed the Report, which includes many photos also taken by our team during the event.


We created a powerpoint for a keynote presentation on African countries’ progress on the Libreville Declaration since 2008. The content and style was drawn from the 2018 Synthesis Report, which we laid out and designed.

The Lushomo team filmed video footage of the events, scenery and interviews throughout the conference. Using this footage, we created an advocacy video that is used as a call to action for decision makers in Africa to integrate health and environment in national activities and action plans.

We also created a set of 12 videos featuring short interviews with African ministers on their experience of integrated health and environmental issues and solutions in their countries.