Chemicals Road Map branding, brochure and workbook

In 2016, the World Health Assembly (WHA) adopted resolution WHA69.4, entitled The role of the health sector in the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management towards the 2020 goal and beyond. In order to achieve the sound management of chemicals, the engagement of all relevant sectors and stakeholders in government, as well as intergovernmental and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), is vital.

We developed user-friendly materials to help engage relevant stakeholders involved in chemicals management.


To create both an identity for the Chemicals Roadmap and products to facilitate meeting resolution WHA69.4 on the role of the health sector in the management of chemicals.


A logo, one banner, a brochure in six languages, a workbook in six languages and tables in Excel and MS Word in six languages


Lushomo was initially asked to create branding and design for the Chemicals Roadmap.

This was later developed into a brochure, and a workbook on how to effectively use the Chemicals Roadmap was subsequently developed. This involved Tom Scalway, Lushomo’s lead consultant, meeting with key stakeholders in Geneva to workshop the ways in which the workbook would be used.

The workbook, developed together with our WHO clients, featured instructional guidelines on how stakeholders could respond to the roadmap.

The tables from the workbook were recreated in Excel and MSWord for easy use by the stakeholders.