Brochure on financing climate futures: Rethinking Infrastructure

The OECD, UN Environment and the World Bank group launched a new initiative on April 2018 focused on Financing Climate Futures: Rethinking Infrastructure to help countries direct investments toward low carbon emissions and climate-resilient development. With guidance on style provided by the OECD, we designed a summary and full-length report of the transformational action areas outlined by the initiative. The reports used infographics and small graphics to provide an overview highlight the key points of the documents. The summary document was presented at the UN General Assembly in September 2018.


Laying out reports on aligning finances in infrastructure for low-emission, resilient development.


One summary report with an overview infographic and a 28-page report with many small graphics threaded throughout.


Using the OECD brand book for guidance, we developed a style for the two reports that referenced the tree used in the OECD logo. The style used the same colour gradation, lines and circles that appear in the tree.

The style was professional, clean and bold.

For the summary report, we designed a simple overview infographic that was inspired by the OECD tree logo. The overview was a visual summary of the key areas highlighted in the report.

For the full-length report, we threaded small graphics and data visuals throughout the report to highlight key points and statistics in the text. They were added into 1/5 columns alongside the text or in graphic boxes at the bottom of the page.