Animations publicising the WHO Malaria Threats Map

The emergence of mosquito resistance to insecticides and parasite resistance to antimalarial medicines were identified as key biological threats in the WHO Global Technical Strategy for Malaria 2016-2030.

In October 2017, the WHO released an online Malaria Threats Map. This is an interactive application that geographically maps malarial entomological data, antimalarial drug efficacy data and pfhrp2/3 gene deletion data.

Although there had been a positive response to the Malaria Threats Map, it was not being optimally publicised and was not reaching a wide audience. To help increase awareness of this important resource, we developed a range of animations and a promotional business card.


To publicise the online WHO Malaria Threats Map through animations and a promotional business card.


A two-minute animation, five GIFs and promotional cards


In consultation with our WHO clients, we created easily shareable GIFs, covering the different thematic areas of the Malaria Threats Map, in addition to an explanatory animation and simple promotional cards to hand out at events.

In developing the GIFs, we wanted to create a simple narrative that would invite potential users to the site. The GIF format was chosen so that they could sit as automatic looping animations on the WHO site, be easily shared on Twitter and for easy embedding on websites. Two of these were general GIFs, providing an overview of the Malaria Threats Map.

The additional three GIFs each focused on one of the three threats to malaria control and elimination featured in the Malaria Threats Map.

Simple promotional cards were developed that could be handed out at different events.