WHO African Region

Africa Atlas on Insecticide Resistance in Malaria Vectors

We put together an atlas that visualises the status of insecticide resistance in malaria mosquitoes for the WHO African Regional office. This flagship document informs African countries, as well as the international community, on the current status of resistance and on the next steps in malaria control in Africa.

Our process started with cleaning up and thoroughly checking the big datasets with region-wide results from WHO’s researchers.

Thousands of survey locations were checked and plotted using Tableau and Mapbox. For each country, several graphs were created that show detailed insecticide resistance data.

For the atlas, we designed several look-and-feels, as well as different options in visualising the data. Based on the chosen style, the full 180-page atlas was then laid out and all maps and graphs designed and checked thoroughly. After a full proofreading, the final document was created for both print and digital use.


Data cleanup and analysis, advanced mapping techniques, information design, atlas look-and-feels, computing graphs, lay-out for print and web.


180-page report (including 40 maps and around 100 graphs) for web and print.


Satellite imagery was used and around 40 region-wide maps were developed showing the trends in insecticide resistance.

Several options were created to visualise the data, for the whole African region as well as specific countries.