Lushomo is an eclectic mix of creatives, researchers, editors and international development consultants.

Our focus areas include health, development and the environment. We help partner organisations do good with data through creativity and inspiring design.

Our core team in Cape Town works with a range of partners in film, web development, translation and editorial to make Lushomo a leading agency for communicating complicated information in innovative and effective ways.

  • Niche expertise
  • Flexible support
  • Innovation
  • Evidence first
  • Doing good
  • Lushomo expertise builds on a long track-record in development work. We are engaged with our clients’ vision and objectives, and share many of their underlying values and principles.

    Our team includes a senior international development consultant who saw important gaps in the way organisations capture, analyse and share the data they need to communicate results and make decisions. Lushomo was set up to address those gaps.

  • We offer clients long-term and adaptive partnerships that are tailored to their particular needs. Our experience with many similar contracts in a specialist field means client risk and time-consuming admin are minimised.

    Lushomo’s work process follows best practices in information design, editorial management and research communication. For each client, we adapt our approach based on UK Design Council principles to ensure we achieve their objectives.

  • We add energy and flair into the way information is handled by tapping into the latest trends in information design and development communication to ensure our clients’ work shines.

    We love taking important data and shaping it into visual tools that are clear, beautiful, shareable and effective.

  • Because we recognise the importance of collecting, analysing and sharing robust information for health and development, we treat clients’ data with respect.

    Lushomo’s process includes several fixed points of review to ensure quality. A technical expert sees all designs, wireframes and briefs before implementation. Our design team has been shaped to ensure products are professional, error-free and effective. Client feedback is handled conscientiously and forms a central part of our process.

  • Our commitment to socially aware projects means we’re dedicated to helping our partners do good with data.

    Our recent projects range from developing reports on adolescent health, short-form films about climate change, infographics drawing on NASA satellite data for health, and communication strategies for a number of African research teams.

Put Simply:


We dig up relevant information, qualitative and statistical, from a range of sources.


We mine information for patterns and trends and develop a sharp tailor-made analysis that helps distil its story.


We work our creative magic on the information, packaging it for print, online or face-to-face sharing.