WHO Africa

COP21 Presentation and Report

At COP21 in Paris, the WHO African Region presented their work on what communities can do to strengthen their climate resilience. We assisted through the design and layout of a report on the topic, as well as the creation of a presentation, based on the information and visuals used in the report.


Development of a presentation and a report for WHO Africa Region to present at the Paris COP21 event.


PowerPoint Presentation and Technical Paper

In preparation for a WHO/UNEP side event at COP21/CMP11 in Paris, France, we designed their technical paper, “Effects of climate change on the social and environmental determinants of health in Africa: What can communities do to strengthen their resilience.” community-based health and adaptation plan (C-HAPS).

A bright orange and yellow colour palette was chosen, along with infographics, icons, and black and white photography. Text and graphics from the report were repurposed for the WHO presentation.