MCA’S Monitoring and Evaluation Department

Lesotho’s Millennium Challenge Account

Lesotho’s Millennium Challenge Account is an initiative that aims to reduce poverty through economic growth. To determine whether the programme was having the desired effect, performance against milestones and indicators needed to be measured. Lushomo organised and analysed strategic information collected throughout the project to share with a number of audiences.


Organising and sharing Millennium Challenge Account’s strategic information


Approximately 100 infographics and several reports

The US, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Kingdom of Lesotho (the Government), entered into a Millennium Challenge Compact to assist the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) in achieving its goals of poverty reduction through economic growth. The MCA aimed to reduce poverty, increase economic growth, improve water supply for industrial and domestic use, improve health outcomes, and remove barriers to foreign and local private sector investment.

Lushomo’s task was to organise and share strategic information collected throughout the project duration. The client for this job was MCA’s Monitoring and Evaluation Department. MCA’s Monitoring and Evaluation Department generated a large amount of information to help the decision-makers plan, monitor and evaluate the programme. Lushomo analysed and shared information so that it would have maximum impact with a number of different audiences.