Summary Report, Country Profiles and Animation

We worked with the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation in developing a summary report, “Making development co-operation more effective”, producing 79 four-page country reports, creating an animation, and a series of one page infographics.


To communicate the work and findings of GPEDC, through a summary report, country reports, an animation and additional graphics.


32-page summary report 79 four-page country reports 3.5-minute animation 10 pages of graphs

We were eager to help communicate GPEDC’s work and findings on development co-operation through a number of different graphic-rich mediums. The client was provided with a number of look-and-feels for each of the products, and, once a direction was taken for each, the chosen styles were further developed to meet the client’s needs.

The country reports followed a standardised layout, which we developed together with the client. These were laid out in English, Spanish, and French. The 10 pages of graphs were produced in the UN style of GPEDC’s 2016 report.