AIDS Namibia

HIV/Aids Advocacy in Namibia

Sub-Saharan Africa has been particularly hard hit by HIV/Aids. As a result, a number of initiatives have been put in place to address the situation. Lushomo used raw country data to produce a range of infographics visualising the progress that Namibia has made in addressing this epidemic.


Infographics for HIV/Aids in Namibia


Infographics for an advocacy paper

Namibia has made great progress in addressing the HIV/Aids epidemic in the country. Treatments and testing have increased and there are high levels of HIV knowledge among many groups. However, resources and programming must be kept at sufficient levels to reach the final goal of stopping new HIV infections in Namibia.

Lushomo created infographics for an advocacy paper on this topic. The designs show the progress that has been made and the remaining challenges and trends in HIV funding. Bringing design and analysis to the fight against HIV is exactly the kind of work that gets us inspired.